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Tips to boost your immune system while in quarantine!

Updated: May 15, 2020

*Do what you love!

Take time to take care of yourself. By maintaining serenity, your body will keep your happy hormones balanced. Stay away from stressful situations!

*Eat healthy! Colorful veggies and fruit will give you the nutrition necessary to support your immune system through any possible infections. The weather is getting warm now. It is perfect for fresh salads, smoothies, green juices, or just eating whole fruits and veggies. I am creating a recipe page. Stay tuned!

*Drink plenty of pure water! We have been forgetting the importance of hydration. Most of our body is composed of water. Give it what it needs and it will thrive! If you have access to spring living water is even better. If not, make sure you have a good water filter that removes heavy metals, halogens and impurities.

*Add healthy oils to your meals such as avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee. Those are considered "food for the brain", but that is another blog subject!

*Stay away from junk food. Refined carbs and added sugars acidify your body and elevate your blood sugar affecting your gut micro-biome which needs to stay in balance to promote a strong immune system. It also makes you gain unhealthy fat. Instead, have plenty of nuts and berries available as healthy snacks.

*Comfort foods may be consumed sparingly so that your body has a chance to recover while you eat healthy wholesome foods, if you wish to preserve the health of your immune system. If you abuse those , you will be abusing your own dear body. Remember, you are what you eat. Your body depends solely on your daily decisions to remain healthy... or not!

*And finally, create a healthy sleep routine. Your body needs time to recover, regenerate, restore. So, get plenty of rest at night. Balancing your circadian rhythm makes your glands (organs that produce your hormones) function properly. For that, you need a dark and silent room. Also, remove all electronics and source of EMF's* from your bedroom. That means: TV, radio, cell phones, etc. If you need your cell phone as your alarm clock, make sure it is on "airplane mode" so it doesn't keep picking up WiFi signals all night. EMF's disturb the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you fall asleep by calming down the mind activity and relaxing the body.

If you follow these recommendations, you may experience some or all of the following side-effects: increase your longevity, look younger, and remain youthful! But who wants that?

*EMF: Electronic Magnetic Field

Disclaimer: if you believe any of the recommendations may bring you undesired reactions, please check with your doctor, as well as, before you change your diet or add anything that you believe will cause allergies or unwanted side-effects.

For a free consultation, please contact me at

Poliana Miranda

IIN Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach

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