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Live sustainably

Today, I was contemplating about shopping. What's happened to us? Are we aware of the consequences of the act of shopping? I wonder how much we would save, not only how much money but, also, on natural resources? How much we would not be polluting our very home, the land where we live, our Mother, Planet Earth?

If we asked ourselves:

1-Do I really need this? If so, how much do I really need of this?

2-Is it sustainable? Where did it come from? Where is it going once I have used it?

Think about the foods you usually buy; the cosmetics you use; the household products you are using: are they healthy? Are they pure? Are they sustainable? Where did they come from? Who made them? And the remnants, left overs, after use consequences, what are they?

Take a piece of clothing, for example. That top that makes you look and feel a million dollars. I don't mean to be a party pooper but what is the reason why you're purchasing such an item? Is it made of natural fibers? Is it synthetic? If it is made of natural fibers, in a couple of decades it will disintegrate and be part of the earth again. If it is synthetic, just like plastic, it will last for zillions of years, turning into micro-plastic particles that will be all over the air, water, soil, etc. Think about i?

Take a bag of chips, for example. Those that are full of flavorings, "food" colorings, texture enhancers. How much processing did it go through? You don't even know what its main ingredient is because there is so much stuff in there. Ask yourself: is it good for me? Where and how was it made? What natural resources it took to produce such a product? What kind of carbon print did it leave before it got to my hands and mouth? Does my body recognize it as food? How does it make me feel immediately after I ate it? How about two hour after I ate it? How about the next day?

In that way, with every item we shop, whether you purchased it at the store, at the farm, online, etc. if you really consider and ask those questions, you will realize how much we waste everyday. If we become aware of every act we perform, we can bring a lot of healing to our lives, to our planet. We can become great role models of beings.

I bet that we can enjoy life as well or even better when we find more sustainable means of living. Mother Earth thanks us.

"And that's all I have to say about that." (Forest Gump)

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Jun 10, 2020

Essa menina é especial, com menos de 3 meses de tratamento, conselhos e muito amor ja consigo dormir 5 horas seguidas e vamos conseguir chegar nas minhas metas de aliviar as minhas dores, e de sobra perder uns quilinhos.

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