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This text if for when you feel stuck or frozen because you don't believe you're ready to take the first step, or you think you need to learn more or to perfect it more. You may be a perfectionist.

I've done that so much in my life. In fact I catch myself still doing that. But, lately, through self-inquiry and meditation, more and more, I've been able to see that "just the way it is" is good enough. I am good enough. What I know is good enough. And that good enough is perfect. This new idea of perfect comes from self-love and self-acceptance and having the flexibility to go with the flow... Having Faith that all is the way it's supposed to be because everything is a Divine creation - and that is so comforting! Successes and failures are equally important. It's all part of a great adventure of growth. We have good, wholesome and compassionate intentions throughout our lives. Having positive thoughts are like gold stepping stones appearing in front of you to lighten and to show you the way and to encourage you to move. Try and be more compassionate and accepting of yourself and all your traits, whether you consider them perfect or not... because they are! You're also a Divine Creation.

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