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How I found my Wellness and Vitality

I have gone through a very dramatic life transformation experience. It was like I was on a roller coaster of physical issues, emotional imbalance, mental turbulence and an overall sense of chaos in all aspects of my life. I went through excruciating pain from endometriosis, to infertility, to early menopause at 37, through all the effects of being post-menopausal in my 40's. After discovering what was happening to me through tests, exams and diagnosis, I decided to embark on a fully natural and holistic journey. I put myself through several treatments like acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Ayurveda Medicine, detox diets, nourishing diets, and lifestyle changes. Today, at 55, all symptoms have subsided. I feel like a new person, healthy, strong, and ready to conquer the world and achieve my dreams! You don't need to study for 18 years to rediscover your healthy self! How would you like to find your way to a healthy balance in your life? I offer a free consultation to explore those ways. Please contact me!

My Mission

Through sustainable and effective ways, I intend to help guide you and support you to find your way back to your natural healthy self. I believe that, if we take care of ourselves consuming natural, organic, local and wholesome foods and holding a sustainable lifestyle, we are also preserving and caring for Mother Nature and our beloved Planet Earth, healing both at the same time.

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